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Never Gets Any Easier is a visual novel & point and click investigative game that takes place in a seemingly prestigious game studio, Bastet Case Studio. The studio has released multi-million dollar products for over two decades. As a headstrong HR worker, players speak to others at the studio to help solve a flurry of problems studio members deal with, to ensure the company can keep going and the products get released on time. Or at least, that’s what the original plan was. The more players dig through the company's secrets, the more dirt they find.

Content warnings for harmful work environment, nepotism, and union busting.

Luna Elvira (they/them) ✧ Producer, UI & UX Designer, and Editor ✧ Website & @grungegamer_

Raneem Hijazi (they/them) ✧ Character Designer and Prop Designer ✧ @akaNEEMS

Jessie Render (any pronouns) ✧ Writer and Narrative Designer

Isaiah Rivers (he/him) ✧ Programmer

CR Scannell (she/her) ✧ Supporting Artist ✧ Website

Tania Pavlisak (she/her) ✧ Level Design, Character & Environment Artist ✧ ArtStation & @chinniedraws

Sara Witsch (she/they) ✧ Sound Designer, Mixer, and Composer ✧ Website

Unity Version 2020.3.7f1

Unity 3D

Fungus Asset

GitHub for Unity Asset

Soundly (Audio Library)

Freesounds (Audio Library)

SQ8ROM (VST Audio Plugin)

MT Power Drum Kit (VST Audio Plugin)

Ample Sound Bass P Lite (VST Audio Plugin)

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

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